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The beach at Palacio Tropical is perfect for surfers of all skill levels. In addition, there are many other local beaches prized for their surf conditions and our van and driver can take you there for a day trip. In many cases, surfboards can be rented locally at these surf spots.

The Pacific Coast in Costa Rica is renowned for its many beautiful and challenging surf spots.


Costa Rica is one of the premier surfing destinations in the world. With more than 800 miles, its extensive Pacific coastline offers a premium experience for anyone looking to catch a few waves. For many years, surfers eager for adventure have found delight in the abundance of waves crashing against the soft sand of the Costa Rican coastline. Its pristine beaches and ideal climate make it an excellent surfing destination year-round. Warm water, warm weather, and cool offshore breezes create an ideal place not only for excellent surf conditions but also a vibrant beach scene, often with an energetic nightlife as well.

Restaurants, cafés, and surf shops dot the Costa Rican seaside for ample opportunities to grab a refreshment, to enjoy a dish full of fresh seafood and fruit picked ripe directly from the rainforest trees, or to buy or rent surf equipment. The locals are friendly and the small towns provide some of the best access to Central American surf in the region. This is also a great chance to catch a glimpse of the colorful, exotic Costa Rican wildlife.

You will find it rewarding to visit with fellow vacationers and local surf enthusiasts alike within the many towns and villages in the area. They may even offer some useful tips. Whether you are simply trying to learn, or are well versed in the language of swells, the hundreds of Costa Rican beaches provide breaks for all skill levels.